"Jesus meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like your Heart"
           My brothers and sisters, we all know very well, that June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is also our month! The month of the people of Sacred Heart at Reading! It is a time to joyfully celebrate our Feast Day. It is the time to demonstrate our faith and to manifest our love for Jesus.


            But why do we celebrate the Feast Day? To have another occasion for socializing? To show others that we are doing something? To come together and have some good food? All of these are good, but we cannot forget that these are only additions, that these are only supplements for something much more important! What is that? Whenever we have a Feast Day, first of all we have to remember that we honour the holy patron, someone whom we recognize as a special example, someone who showed us that holiness is possible. We honour the holy patron with gratitude in our hearts for his/her intercession, grateful for his/her protection and prayers for our Church, parish, and our families. At the same time we give thanks to God for giving us the example of a holy life that we can imitate.


            My brothers and sisters this knowledge is very important and I think that the success and the quality of our celebration depends of a good understanding what the Feast Day really is. I remember my conversation with one of the priests of our diocese, who tried to invite his parishioners to celebrate the Feast Day of their church. After so many excuses – including the one, that “celebrating Feast Days is not our Jamaican culture” – this beautiful initiative was cut off. And I remember the disappointment of that priest, who said: “I am jealous that you celebrate the Feast Day of your church; you are lucky”. Yes, I am lucky! We are lucky! First of all, because we have such a powerful patron of our Church. We are blessed because we are placed in the midst of Jesus’ Heart, but we are even more blessed, when we answer to Jesus’ love. Sometimes I ask myself, what does Jesus feel when He gives us so much love and there is no response from us… How would you feel if you will gave a gift to your friend and a few weeks later you find this gift in the garbage bin? I think that sometimes Jesus feels the same when He looks at His people.


            My brothers and sisters, as we celebrate our Feast Day, as we honour the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we should ask ourselves: are we the people of the Sacred Heart? Do I have in my heart the same love for God and neighbors as Jesus has?


            At the end of this reflection let me dedicate to you the words of Thomas à Kempis from the book “The imitation of Christ”:


“Blessed is he who appreciates what it is to love Jesus and who despises himself for the sake of Jesus. Give up all other love for His, since He wishes to be loved alone above all things. Affection for creatures is deceitful and inconstant, but the love of Jesus is true and enduring. He who clings to a creature will fall with its frailty, but he who gives himself to Jesus will ever be strengthened.

Love Him, then; keep Him as a friend. He will not leave you as others do, or let you suffer lasting death. Sometime, whether you will or not, you will have to part with everything. Cling, therefore, to Jesus in life and death; trust yourself to the glory of Him who alone can help you when all others fail”.


I wish you Happy Feast Day!

Sacred Heart of Jesus – have mercy on us!